art on politics

Art on Politics: Film Screening and Conversation: Art, Politics, Activism

February 23, 2019

Garbage, a film by Q, traces the intersection of Right Wing ideology, gender, misogyny and religion through the intertwined journeys of Phanishwar (Tanmay Dhanania), a taxi driver and Hindu fanatic in Goa, and Rami Kumar (Trimala Adhikaari), a college student who seeks refuge in the coastal state after her ex-boyfriend releases a video of them having sex online. When Rami reaches Goa, she hires Phanishwar to take her to a friend’s empty bungalow where she plans to stay. Meanwhile, Phanishwar has enslaved in his house a deaf-mute woman (Satarupa Das), bound by a chain and his whims.” –

Bhaskar Hazarika (director), Hina Saiyada(editor, director, producer) and Q (director, musician) will converse on Art Activism following the screening of Garbage

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