moving towards connection workshop

by Manasi Saxena

This two day immersive and in depth training offers and introduction to Nonviolent Communication, or NVC, based on the determinations of Marshall Rosenberg.

The tools and practices of NVC are simple as well as deep. When used with the intention to connect, they can lead to a number of benefits by empowering us to:

  1. Deeply connect with our own inner worlds, intentions, and needs
  2. Listen with care and compassion to each other
  3. Speak and act with choice, self-awareness, freedom, and self-response-ability
  4. Foster nourshing and sustaining relationships
  5. Move towards transforming conflict into meaningful connection

The purpose of a two-day introductory workshop, is to provide enough information and practice to bring this learning into daily lives, and to build greater connection within the community present.

Request for Sustainability: Rs 2500, Rs 1500 for Students

Contact: Yuveka Singh ( , phone: +91 98188 13387)

Date and Venue: January 5 and 6, 2019, NEthing, Guwahati, Assam

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manasi saxena

Manasi Saxena (M.Phil, JNU, CNVC Certification Candidate) is Passionate about tapping into the natural reserve of resources within individuals and communities to facilitate growth and learning. Manasi currently leads enCOMPASSion, which she founded. A Delhi based peace-building and conflict transformation firm, enCOMPASSSion offers trainings based on communication, collaboration, and conflict transformation, for towards organisations, schools, and individuals seeeking growth and transformation.

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