human rights day 2018

Observing Human Rights Day: Human Rights and Sexual Violence, Justice

December 10, 2018

Panel discussion on (En)gendering human rights: Violations and Impunity -

Moderated by Dr Dolly Kikon (University of Melbourne). Panelists from the field of academics, social work, activism and journalism will share their experiences and learnings from the field about sexual violence and impunity. The panel shall address pertinent concerns around the theme in industry, caste, culture, law and family on issues of labour, disability, and more

Theatre performance: Requiem for Dead Sisters

For 40 minutes, they'll take you all on a journey to the 'artistic underworld' where the Northeast Indian Sisters who have experienced an untimely death end-up. There in that world, the Guardian of the Artistic Underworld, RōzuYama, warmly welcomes them, and gives them love and dignity - to help these tormented souls to find their eternal peace.

There were 55 participants

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