collecting stones for antigone

Collecting Stones for Antigone- A Trialogue: Politics and Democracy

November 22, 2018

Collecting Stones for Antigone - a trialogue. For one voice. Devised and performed by Mukherjee. P, a spoken word performer, independent media analyst, curator and a performance consultant by profession, Mr Mukherjee . P is one of the leading alternative theatre nomads of the Indian sub-continent

Antigone is a famous Greek classic about a woman convicted to death by the state. In times of an Asifa. And amidst the upper class English speaking hijacking of all that is a hashtag-ged. Let us try to find out who is the state? And who then, are the remaining women?

Let us ask questions of comptabile myopias comfortably forgotten and often sidelined. Art should be pathetically repetitive, lest our obsessions with the new and the improved take over.

There were 35 participants.

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